For many people math and statistics mean a tangle of incomprehensible formulas. My goal is to show students and scholars the ropes in the world of math and statistics through understandable and lively explanation.

Mathematics often looks scary, but by approaching it simply it really is possible to gain insight. The exam can then be passed succesfully.

My starting point is that once you truly have insight, self confidence and sense often appear spontaneously. Within my courses, which are aimed specifically at psychology students, there is also the possibility for regained insight, not too many sulking students and a high pass rate. Furthermore, I offer advice, classes or tutoring in the following subjects: Mathematics, Statistics, SPSS, and Data-analysis. I also offer help with formulating a study for an internship or help with theses (content, theory forming, conclusion and so on).

Benjamin Telkamp

Statistics courses for psychology

  • Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics (MT Eng). English spoken class, first year course (9 classes of 3 hours, 140 euro).
  • Inferential Statistics (Infer Stat). First year course (8 classes of 3 hours, 125 euro)
  • Experimental and Correlational Research

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